Wagamama Review

Wagamama, which was founded in 1992, is one of those restaurants that I had heard numerous great reviews about. However surprisingly I had not ever been there, so I really wanted to try the food out for myself. Wagamama is a British-headquartered restaurant chain, serving Asian food inspired by the flavours of Japan. The style of the food is something that drew me to the restaurant as I am a big fan of Asian cooking and dishes.

I went to the restaurant on a Wednesday evening around eight o’clock. Walking into the restaurant I liked the atmosphere and I liked how different the seating was. Looking at the menu I thought that there was a great selection of dishes which would cater to different palates.

I chose to go for the Wagamama Ramen which included prawns, chicken, pulled pork and noodles in chicken broth. I also decided to go with the chicken gyoza. The time it took for the food to come out was around twenty minutes which is to be expected and I don’t mind waiting as long as the drinks are flowing. When it came to the food arriving I thought the presentation was beautiful and appetising. I will note however that the food orders came at different times which made it difficult as we had to wait a while for all of us to get the food. I found that the flavours of the ramen were nice and simple. I enjoyed the broth as it was nice and light. The chicken gyoza was definitely my favourite dish the flavours were exciting and the soy sauce dip on the side definitely elevated the dish. However, I don’t feel that the flavours of the broth were exciting or life changing. I felt that the pork in the ramen was quite dry and lacked flavour. In addition, by the time all our dishes had arrived my food was very cold which made the dish not as enjoyable.

Overall the dishes were nice and light, and I would recommend them for lunch however for a dinner I don’t feel it ticked all the boxes as I don’t feel the flavours were revolutionary or had enough depth.


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