Miller & Carter Review

Hi, my name is Tee and I am a steak addict. I have a confession to make I LOVE STEAK! Eating steak is one of my favourite activities. In my opinion one of the best steakhouses which I have visited is Miller & Carter. Because of this I regularly visit the restaurant when I’m craving steak (which is always.) Now initially I wanted to leave reviews for restaurants I hadn’t tried before but I recently visited Miller & Carter after a very long break and I just loved the meal so much that I thought it deserved recognition.

Miller & Carter offers a wide range of dishes from various steaks to ribs, chicken and fish. However, I only come in for one thing and one thing only, steak. On this visit I decided to go for a Rump Steak along with their British Beef Sauce with a side of salad, Onion Loaf, Fries and their amazing Creamy Lobster Mac and Cheese. I know, it’s a LOT of food however you only live once. So, I’m going to break this review up in compartments because everything deserves recognition.

Starting with the most important part, the steak. I decided to go for an 8 oz Rump steak served medium rare. When cooked right, rump steak can be moist, flavoursome and tender. The steak I had was certainly cooked to perfection. It was so tasty with very light seasoning which meant that it still had a beautiful beef flavour. I paired my steak with the British Beef Sauce. This is one of my favourite sources because it’s packed full of deep flavour and it’s so rich and thick.

On this visit I decided to try a side that I hadn’t had before which was the Creamy Lobster Mac and Cheese. I am so glad I made this decision because it was so lovely and creamy. The lobster running through it made the dish more interesting as well as full of flavour. If I had to criticise anything it would be that after a while the cheese did get a bit tougher and chewy. But this only encouraged me to eat the whole dish faster!

Overall, I loved my visit to Miller & Carter, the service was amazing and I felt catered to and well looked after throughout the whole meal. I loved the dishes and I can’t wait to go back and explore the menu further.

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